tri repetae

this review originally appeared in issue sixty six of select magazine, december nineteen ninety five

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Rochdale's Autechre are running fleet-foot into unnamed territory where techno, ambient and all other electronic sub-group categories seem superfluous. Their seductive, Kraftwerk-ish electro-pop influenced debut, 'Incunabula', seems a long way off now.

Their approach was redefined by the recent 'Anvil Vapre' EP, leading to this, their toughest, most groove-orientated set yet.

Titles like 'Gnit', 'Rsdio' and 'Eutow' rival label-mate Aphex Twin in the nominal gobbledegook stakes but, crucially, Autechre never sound like they've just programmed in some clichéd rhythm track and let it run for aeons- or at least long enough for them to run off and skin up.

Constantly mutating loops spin through tidal ebbs and flows of alien noise, massive synth arcs and tinkling piano. And there's always something happening in the mix- some detail that slowly comes into focus and disappears, some twist to the rhythm- are you listening, ambient bedroom noodlers?

The duo claim their intent is to make music that people will listen to more than once. So modest. The problem with Tri Repetae is how to stop playing it.

Awarded four out of five
Mike Barnes